Sunday, January 24, 2010


I have no idea what this is but me and my wife kept starring at the TV for about 5 mins and after 4 mins all I was able to say was What the hell is this ... watch the clip and let me know if you can figure it out.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Picture is worth 1000 words - Part 1

Some interesting cartoons!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just loved the way it was put by the Cricinfo Commentator (Key Word: new wicket-keeper).

Leaders are the true reflection of its people

You always hear this saying that People are ruled by the leaders, who are like them. I think the whole situation in Pakistan is the true representation of it. Yeah you are right, I am talking about Pakistan’s wicket keeper Kamran Akmal (a normal Person) and Pakistan’s president Asif Zardari (a Leader).

Here is the small comparison and you can judge for yourself:

Kamran Akmal: "I am very happy with being wicket keeper batsman" (LOL … After dropping 4 catches and depriving Pakistan from victory)
Asif Zardari: "We have saved Pakistan in difficult circumstances, including a global recession, and made difficult decisions" (HAHAHAH … Saved Pakistan, with the war in the North and Target Killings in Karachi? Baluchistan is a whole other story. Difficult decisions probably included not resigning after the Court Decision on NRO, not following the court orders, hours of load shedding, probably a whole book can be written on those difficult decisions)

Kamran Akmal: He has been asked to resign from his wicket keeping responsibilities and we all know the answer was “No, why should I!”
Asif Zardari: He has been repeatedly asked to resign based on court’s decision on NRO, his approval rating being at 18%, corruption and for several other reasons but the answer from him has been as expected, “No, why should I!”

I think whether it is our team’s loss in Australia or the unstable condition in Pakistan there is no one to blame but us. I hope you got the idea, let’s stop blaming others and change ourselves.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What the hell was that? Definitely not cricket!

Pakistan’s lost against Australia was so devastated for the Pakistani fans that they took all their anger by filling my email account with their facebook comments. Here are some interesting ones:
Facebook User: Taking retirement from watching cricketFacebook User: Arey humse pooch yaha per rehna hi mushkil ho gaya hai L soccer from now onwards no cricket at allll
Facebook User: Kamran Akmal bet a lot of money on Betfair for Kamran Akmal to drop a lot of catches. Can we please change keepers? I heard Sami was a keeper once upon a time.
Facebook User: just pathetic … I think we should play in the minor league with UAE, Nambia, Ireland etc.
Facebook User: Pathetic wicket keeping by our wicket keeper and pathetic batting by our batsmen :x They all should be kicked out immediately!! Bring Sarfraz Ahmad as our new wicket keeper!

And my favorite

Facebook User: hopes these SoB's are sent to a cricketing version of Guantanamo and are never seen again.

Another Snow Day

My first blog since I have created it, which I think was back in 2007. Anyways many of you especially BH might be wondering what has forced his honor to do so? Frustration! So much frustration that I am posting it from my bb while on my way to the office on Metra.

So here's how another snow day started. After having the best sandwich ever (made by my better half, abbreviated as BH from now on) I left the house with the smile on my face. My BH went through the checklist of things I need to take, and figured out that I forgot my BB. Another reminder how great she is!

Anyways got out and it was snowing pretty heavily. Somehow I made my way through to the Bus Stop. Checked the time and noted that it was 7:27. Following is the timeline of my day so far:
7:30 - The bus was suppose to arrive.
7:31 - Still waiting
7:32 - WTF - Still Waiting
7:33 - Still waiting
7:36 - Still waiting, Freezing, burried in snow, cursing Pace (the bus service)
7:38 - Aah I can see it turning from the cornor
7:39 - got into the bus expecting some kind of apology - but the rude lady didn't even replied back to my good morning .. Which pissed me further off.
7:41 - Stopped to pick up another passenger ... WTF why is she chatting with him, We are running late, We are suppose to be at the train station by 7:48 so that we can catch the 7:51 train 7:42 - Me cursing at her in my heart, and she is still talking to him
7:43 - Atlast we are moving again
7:45 - After a couple of more stops we are on the way again
7:48 - Damn it, she stopped at the green light to let the person coming from the other side take a right, and here we go our signal is red!
7:51 - Got to the train station, and she opened the door by saying that the train is still here.. And a second after she said that, the train left .. And that was the moment when I have decided that I will blog about it
8:05 - Waiting at the train station for the next train
8:08 - Train arrived
8:40 - Typing the post

Pace Lady: Why do you hate me?

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This blog is about the unknown things, that are less cared about by us as individuals or as a society and if we ever come to know about them our response is "Whtever"